Case Studies

Get some inspiration for your own fundraising project and read about some of the clubs, schools, and athletes that nailed their fundraising efforts. We looked at a big mix of projects ranging from schools and grassroots clubs to State Sporting Organisations and athletes fundraising for their Olympic journeys! The projects we focused on had success in their fundraising and they all used different strategies to reach their goals.

Frankston Football Club VIC


Established is 1887 Frankston Football Club has been one of the leading clubs on the Mornington Peninsula. When the AFL took the VFA league under it’s umbrella in 2000 (becoming the VFL) many clubs chose to align themselves with established AFL clubs, Frankston made the decision to remain independent.

Fundraising Need

The Frankston Football Club Foundation was established to raise funds to facilities, administration and staff so that the club fields teams to regain a license to compete in the Victorian Football League. They set the fundraising target of $200k and have so far raised $116k. 


Frankston hosted an exclusive dinner as their fundraising platform. They used ticket add-ons to reach their fundraising goal, this method means charging an additional amount on top of the price of the ticket for the dinner. Frankston made it clear that the funds would go directly to the Foundation project and help to keep the Football club going. Through this dinner the club raised $100k. 

Learnings and Advice

The team at Frankston Football Club found that donations alone were harder to get, but offering an exclusive event made it easier to get donations. Their advice for other clubs was to not have too much going on at once in regards to fundraising, rather come up with one or two solid ideas and steer everyone’s energy into promoting it.

Double Bay Sailing Club NSW: Development Fund


The Double Bay Sailing Club (DBSC) Development fund was established with the Sports Foundation in 2008 to support the club’s effort to grow and develop. DBSC provides competitive Laser racing for men and women, junior and open. Members of DBSC range from complete novices all the way to international championships including former and prospective Olympians.

Double Bay Sailing Club is run completely by volunteers with the fundraising projects arranged by the management committee and delegated to specific volunteers to implement.

Fundraising Need

Major items funded in part through the Foundation have included clubhouse extension and new race start committee boat.

DBSC have raised smaller amounts for various capital improvements / equipment upgrades, including new boat dollies, new racing buoys and response boat mechanical upgrades. They have also run programs at various times to raise money in support of high performance sailors (sailors with prospects in national and international competition).


DBSC promoted their fundraising needs in their weekly electronic club newsletter, made announcements at their weekly sailing race briefing, and “tapped” certain members on the shoulder to make direct personal requests for contributions.

Interestingly DBSC did not target external fundraising instead they focused on their own members and the inner circle. The club sent personal thank you notes from their Commodore and made collective statements of thanks in their public meetings.


DBSC gave this advice to clubs starting their own fundraising projects: A strong and diverse leadership team, a committed membership with a strong volunteer ethos, and projects that clearly benefit the membership community are three ingredients that go a long way to success in internal fundraising.

Whitford Hockey Club WA


Over 600 members aged from 3 to over 70 years old and approximately 80 coaches, team managers, committee members and umpires.

Fundraising Need 

$600k contributed towards a $6.5 million dollar astroturf installation and club room development by October 2017.


$530k so far, via events, existing reserves and loans and tax deductible donations via the Sports Foundation.

Whitford created a “Foundation Donors Program” where Platinum, Gold and Silver status could be earnt depending on the donation amount given. Over $50k has been raised through this program to date.

At the conclusion of the “Foundation Donors Program,” an honor board will be erected at the new Whitford club rooms displaying the names of contributing members – this honor board will there for life.

Mercantile Rowing Club VIC: Boathouse redevelopment


The Mercantile Rowing Club was established in 1880 and since their inception has produced  dozens of Olympic Rowers.

Fundraising Need

The boathouse was old and needed renovations to increase boat storage, improve the amenities for members and ensure that the facilities were reflective of the membership base. The Rowing Club set the target of $250k which was reached.


The Mercantile Rowing Club took a very personal and hands-on approach to fundraising for the boathouse redevelopment. The fundraising team made personal contact with likely donors and held fundraising dinners with the club members. The dinners were an effective fundraising strategy with interesting items for auctions attracting larger donations.

Learnings and advice

It was necessary to consider why members value the organisation and tap into whatever it was that made a member want to donate to the club in order to fundraise most effectively.

Northbridge Golf Club NSW: Course redevelopment


Northbridge Golf Club in Sydney began a fundraising project in 2015 for the redevelopment of some holes.

Fundraising Need

The fundraising project was to cover the costs of remodeling and realigning the 1st and 4th hole on the golf course. This was needed because the golf course backs on to a public oval and school ground and stray golf balls were being hit off the course and causing a hazard.

Northbridge set the target of $350k to cover the cost of the remodelling of the two holes and this goal was achieved.


The club used their weekly newsletter to members to seek donations as well as pushing their fundraising project on social media. One of the most effective fundraising strategies was to add a request for donation on the annual membership renewal. The club found that highlighting the fact that their donations would be tax-deductible made all the difference to donors.

Waanyi Native Title Aboriginal Corporation QLD: Doomadgee Rodeo Committee


The Doomadgee Rodeo Committee was established to raise funds for the Gulf and Frontier Day Music Festival and Rodeo. This is considered one of the premier sporting events in the Gulf region attracting competitors and spectators from all across QLD. The committee was aiming to raise $200k.


The Committee used a combination of Facebook, website, and newsletters to spread the message about the project. They also engaged a grant facilitator to make corporate and government submissions seeking support from various groups and so far have raised $85k with the fundraising to continue until the event in August.

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