About the project

I was fortunate to have a bicycle growing up in Kalgoorlie in the 70’s. A bike gave me a mode of transport to school and mates and helped keep me fit. When I ride the 1,000km+ on the Perth to Laverton Classic, I am thankful that I am in a position to help the community. If you can, please throw a few bucks in the till to help make sure every kid has access to a bike, opening doors of opportunity that would otherwise be closed. Woop Woop!!
  • Dave Cashman

    woop woop!!

  • Dave Cashman

    proceeds from sale of cycling kit, cycling spares, generator, swag

  • Dave Cashman

    sale of bike racks, bibs, vests, disc wheels, rifles

  • Joe Thompson

    Wood Woop #bemorelikemike Great Stuff Dave

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