About the project

Last year I was a volunteer/rider, one of the best things (apart from riding some distances I never had before and in parts of WA I have never been) was to see the enjoyment of my Badimia friends sharing what matters to them – their Country, culture and community. And in turn, seeing and hearing what other people on the ride got from these yarning sessions. The moments we all played a part in last year’s ride make me believe that if there can be more of these opportunities for more people to participate in, reconciliation and recognition is indeed possible- even if it is on a small scale. When I think of the difference the funds that you all help us to raise for the LCP, I think of the effect on the kids we met last year. One of the many moments that sticks out for me is watching the confidence grow for one little girl, to ride on the pump track for the very first time. She called out so excited – “I did it, I’m doing it!” She transformed from too scared to attempt it before, to not wanting to get off. The LCP helped to make that happy memory, for her, and for those of us watching it. What if we could bottle that, and multiply it over and over?

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