About the project

I have been involved with the Perth to Laverton Classic and the Laverton Cycling Project from the beginning and it has been heartening to see both grow. The involvement of the Badimia people in Dalwallinu, Ningham Station and Mount Magnet, in addition to our relationship with the Wangai in Laverton has given the ride a focus on the culture and current circumstances of the Aboriginal people in these regions. It is easy to see their connection to land when passing through the wildflower region, waking up to the sun rising over the hilltops at Ninghan Station, and witnessing the sunsets on Hollywood Hill in Laverton. 

The money we raise on this ride goes towards providing cycling programs for the children in Laverton and with big numbers of the children turning up each day, the joy we see on their faces, and the enthusiasm we witness in their participation, makes this a very worthwhile program.  

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