About the project

I am doing the Perth - Laverton Cycling Classic, riding 1150km over 8 days from Perth to Laverton to raise funds for the Laverton Cycling Project. This project mentors and assists the local youth (at the local Laverton school) through rebuilding second hand bicycles, which helps to develop fine motor and problem solving skills. The project also educates the Laverton community on the benefits of exercise for their own health and well-being. Both of these programs enables individuals to access cycling as a form of transport, exercise, health improvement, freedom/autonomy and sport. To assist in the sustainability of the program, the project assists the local Laverton Cycling club to run weekly sessions. Thank you for supporting a worthwhile project!!!

  • Kate Smith

    You are amazingly strong. I have loved watching your journey. Congrats on a huge achievement for such a good cause.

  • Naomi Bath

    Sandstone sprint....3rd place!

  • Caroline Spencer

    Go Naomi! Enjoy your warm up for TOMR!

  • Narelle Crofts

    Such a worthy fundraiser! Happy safe cycling, have an amazing adventure!

  • Dean OBrien

    Great work Naomi - seems like a very worthy case 😁

  • Bettina Kirk

    Love your work!! Well done, love your dedication! Xo Bettina

  • Shannon Batch

    You are a legend! Happy riding.

  • David Colahan

    Go Bathy ❤️❤️

  • Leonie Burling

    You are amazing!!!

  • Liz Butler

    Inspiring on every level! x

  • Claire Eatwell

    Awesome initiative Naomi! You go girl!

  • Nicola Cantoni

    Best of luck with the ride and fund-raising Naomi

  • Ruth and John Bath

    Best wishes for the ride. A very worthy cause.

  • Michael Donnelly

    Good luck for the ride Naomi.. what a great cause 🤗

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