About the project

I never shy away from expressing what the Pararoos mean me. They've had a huge impact on my life as an athlete and as an individual with a disability. This year I'm going BIG! My goal is run 117km in 72 Hours! 6.5km every 4 hours - even through the night! Something cool happens when you push yourself and what better way to do it than for the Pararoos. Donate, join for me for a run, share a conversation, start your own challenge and help the Pararoos remain UNDEFEATED
  • Nicole Zosh

    Go Benny! You absolute legend!!

  • Angus MacGregor

    Hope all is well my guy.

  • Megan Lane

    Absolutely smashed it Benny! Let’s get this World Cup 💪🏼

  • Steve Mackney

    Go Ben Roach and go the Pararoos! Best wishes from everyone from Football Far North Coast.

  • Bruce Parry

    Go Benny. Your enthusiasm & commitment is inspiring. Cheers. Bruce

  • Bill Constantinidis


  • James Duvcevski

    Well done mate - incredible physical endurance!!

  • Jenny Le

    So proud of you Benny and so happy to support a great cause. You’re a star and one of a kind 👊

  • Claire Hamilton

    You are amazing, a super impressive effort!

  • Laura Brown

    Go Benny! Wish we could have support you in Lennox. Love the steels !

  • Brett Warton

    Well done legend!

  • David Cantoni

    Proud of you. Number 2 on the field... number 1 in our hearts <3

  • Liana Slussareff

    You definitely earned yourself that beer at the finish line Benny! Well done! Truly inspiring.

  • Penny Edwards

    Incredible effort Benny!!

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