About the project

I'm going big! my goal is to hit 100km by running/walking. Pararoos have shaped so much of my life and can't wait to take the field again. The funds help us not only get to tournaments but continue to create opportunities across the country. Go Pararoos!

  • Richard Riwaka

    We love you mate!!! The Riwaka Whanau

  • Dilani Rasanayagam

    Go Benny! Champion effort for a very worthy organisation.

  • Philip Clark

    Love your work Ben !!! Your an Absolute legend

  • Andrew Simmons

    Love the effort legend 👊👊

  • Sean Harrison

    Keep running brother. Let’s hit that target. Hev and Sean

  • Simon Byrne

    You're a legend mate!!!

  • Declan OHehir

    Go the pararoos! 💪 great effort down in Sydney and on the pavement mate.

  • Rick Whitehead

    Ripper stuff Benny, great to see you setting the bar high as always!

  • Greer Morrow

    Love ya Benny, from the Morrow’s x

  • Michael Mrozinski

    Keep defying the odds boys!

  • Kevin Milstein

    Keep up the great work Pararoos. Make us proud!

  • Riley Morris

    Go Uncle Benny Love Riley and Tayla !

  • Angus MacGregor

    Just Rochey doing Rochey things. Legend. Also suss Think About Things by Daoi Freyr if you haven't. Banger.

  • Felipe Santibanez

    Good luck and all the best mate for this wonderful cause!

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