About the project

Help me support the team football that supports athletes with Cerebral Palsy, Acquired Brain Injury and Stroke to kick goals on and off the field!
  • Richard Murphy

    Good stuff mate! Well done :)

  • Tom Niccol

    Awesome work Barty!!!

  • Andrew Newman

    A drop in ocean, but incredible stuff Barty!

  • Steve Hennessy

    Outstanding work mate!!

  • Verity Sullivan

    Nice work Chris!

  • Alvin Goh

    Keep it up bud! Love what you have done for football, for WA, for Australia!

  • Philippe Chapman

    Well done Barty you legend, proud of you mate šŸ’“šŸ‘šŸ»šŸ‘šŸ»

  • Sarah Quinton

    Go gettem

  • Daniel Schepis

    Look forward to seeing the 6 pack at the end of this

  • Bianca Dinsdale

    Keep up the good work Bianca šŸ˜Š

  • Hozy Yourbrozy

    If you want a running buddy let me know!

  • Harris Fenbury

    Well done!

  • PK Bec Bennett

    Great job Chris, happy to support this great cause.

  • David Cantoni

    I feel like i'm paying you to fit in your wedding suit.

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