About the project

I was born with Mild Cerebral Palsy Hemiplegia on my right side due to a loss of oxygen at birth. I loved football from a very young age and joined my local club when I was six and have been playing ever since. I got involved with Paralympic football by accident in 2010 when I saw the NSW team training while attending an athletics camp. I was able to speak to some of the NSW players and coaches and they even let me join in on some of the drills, which eleven year old me thought was awesome! I attended the next team camp at the age of twelve. It was so enjoyable and I was hooked. The camps allowed me to improve dramatically and make new friends along the way. The senior players acted as mentors and gave us juniors some to look up to and aspire to be like. Six years later and the program has allowed me to represent my state and country, something I never thought possible. The memories from my first tour overseas to England with the U19 boys will never be forgotten and just makes you want to train harder so you can be selected again if the chance comes.

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