About the project

More than exited to pound the pavement in order to help support the Pararoos first-ever virtual fundraising event in celebration of World Cerebral Palsy Day. I've chosen to walk/run 100k in 7 days in support of the Pararoos and I would love for you to either donate a couple of bucks to support the team or sign up to and raise some money for the team also. Every little bit counts and every dollar over $2 is tax-deductible. Thank you for your support. #pararoos #cpfootball #worldgame #WinLoseorDraw #undefeated #MoveForThePararoos
  • Sam Chitas

    Great cause & effort young man!

  • Adrian Hoyle

    Good on you and Good luck JT...

  • Jacqui Toivonen

    Smash it! Love Adelaide Toivo’s

  • Leah McNamara

    Awesome effort Jerm!!’

  • Susan and Kolin Toivonen

    Good on you Jeremy

  • Rhonda Ferguson

    Well done Jeremy.

  • Gav Turnbull

    Good on you mate, wonderful cause - Takes a good human to get up and actually do something for others rather than just talk about it. Good luck, right behind you!

  • Andy Allan

    Well done mate 👏🏻

  • Frank Fiorenza

    Love your work Jeremy!

  • Jeremy Toivonen

    Go the Pararoos!

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