About the project

Our vision is to be the best CP football team in the world and provide an environment, where every player and staff member feels valued and can perform at their best, on and off the field. “84” is our overarching theme and means never give up, challenge yourself, work hard even when no one is looking, and be your personal best at everything you do on and off the field. In October I challenge myself to lose 8.4kg. Anyone in my age knows how hard it is to lose 1kg let alone 8.4kg. Please donate any amount with an 84 in it to support us reaching our goals of winning a world championship. Your help is greatly appreciated! If you need any extra encouragement. The highest donor will get a signed Pararoos jersey
  • Douglas Hendry

    8.4Kg available to lose!!!

  • Vince Cali

    Keep up the good work Kai. Vinnie

  • Ilan Hurwitz

    Nice work brother! What an Amazing team, keep up the good work.

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