About the project

100k in 7 days
  • Mark Aquino

    Go Zoshy! You're an absolute legend and so proud of what you've accomplished. This donation is from me, Emily and Billy Elliot who says woof done gurl!! He's so sassy...

  • Samantha Kerr

    Go on Zoshhy

  • Inna Karatchevtseva

    Great work, Nicole!

  • Stephanie Vafakos

    Go Zosh!! Smashing goals and such a great cause x

  • Nicole Robertson

    So proud of you!!

  • Carmen Quintana

    Enjoy your walk. Love from Ate Maricar

  • Alyssar Narey

    Smashing it Zosh!

  • Jaclyn Benz

    Go Zoshy (Also offering free physio afterwards hahaha) X

  • Danielle Fox

    Great work Zoshy!! Keep on stepping

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