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Matildas. Socceroos. Pararoos. 

These are all our Australian National Teams and they all deserve to thrive and play. However, as a result of The Australian Sports Commissions " Winning Edge" initiative the Pararoos have lost their funding. While the Pararoos were ranked 11 in the world, this was not sufficient to secure ongoing funding. 

The FFA have helped bridge a significant amount of this funding since the cut in 2014, but the team must now raise $160,000 by June 30th if they want to pursue their 2019 World Cup dream. 

The football family is the largest sporting family in Australia and we need your help! 

The Pararoos represent the players with cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders, including stroke and traumatic brain injury.  If they miss the Demark tournament, they will not be able to compete in the World Cup qualifying tournament. Thus, the team will be disbanded until after the 2019 World Cup.

These athletes have overcome things that most of us cannot even imagine facing. Taylor Harvey woke up and was unable to move. Chris Pyne slipped when he was 6 years old and when he woke up from a 6-week coma he could not walk, or talk. And Gordon Allen was born with Cerebral Palsy Hemiplegia on his right side due to loss of oxygen at birth. To these players, football is the release from everyday struggle. It is a chance to feel accepted, normal, and a part of something great.

These elite players train just as hard as Mat Ryan and Lisa De Vanna. They are as committed as Tim Cahill and Clare Polkinghorne.

They simply want the chance to represent Australia again on the world stage, and to send a signal to all Australians with a disability that they, too, can pursue their dream.

We need to help these Footballers play. It’s that simple. 

Give now and ensure the future for these athletes is not lost.

“Being a Pararoo means being the best you can be, no matter what.” – Angus MacGregor

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    INSPIRED!!! Go Captain Jack Sparrow! X

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    All the best for the 2019 World Cup!



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    Good luck in 2019 fellas!

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    Proud and confident to donate for the parraroos Every dollar raised will help parraroos get to World Cup at Denmark in 2019.

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