About the project

I'll be running 42km in 7 days in support of the Pararoos Undefeated Challenge, in celebration of World Cerebral Palsy Day on Monday 5th October. All donations go towards the Pararoos and to help them get back out onto the pitch in 2021!
  • Taylor Dykstra

    We love you Dark Horse!

  • Thomay Nicolaou

    Superstar effort! šŸ‘šŸ½

  • Robert Zancan

    Great Work Son, from Mum and Dad

  • Sebche Sebche


  • Steph Di Julio

    Well done Sebba!!!

  • Tania Calabrese

    Well done Seb. Great effort for a great cause

  • Rick Whitehead

    Love your work Supreme Leader Sebba!

  • Scott Atkinson

    Amazing work Sebba!!!

  • Marinella Salafia

    Onya sebba

  • Louise McMullen

    Awesome cause! Go you legend!

  • Jorge Gero

    Support the Pararoos, they are a national treasure!

  • Angus MacGregor


  • James Campisi

    Gutsy Sebba!

  • Tessa Sernio

    Awesome sebba šŸ‘šŸ‘Š

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