About the project

I will try and run 100km in a week to raise money for the Pararoos #undefeatedchallenge. To help them win the 2021 International Federation of Cerebral Palsy Football (IFCPF) World Championships in Spain.
  • David Stanton

    Go Sunit! Very impressed!

  • Darren Cram

    Huge effort Sunit! Those legs must be feeling it!

  • Drew Brown

    Fantastic effort Sunit! Massive achievement and all for a very good cause. Well done! Drew, Jane, Rory, Pippa and Finn.

  • Somjita Mitra

    We’re so proud of you Sunit! Love Pishi, Borodidi, Chotodidi and Oreo!

  • Sam Taylor

    Well done Sunit, amazing effort!

  • Lachlan Stephenson

    After this, the next time you leave the keys in the car during a hike, we won't even need to stop and wait for you! Great effort, great cause. Wishing you well for the remaining ks

  • Sho waller

    Go Sunit!!! Getting heaps of elevation too! Great cause.

  • Charles Rose

    Great work Sunit!

  • Jessica Ho

    Amazing work Sunit, you continue to be the guy we all want to be.

  • Hein Maung

    You go gurl!

  • Gemma Price

    Well done Sunit and good luck to the team next year 🏃‍♂️

  • Osama Bhatti

    Good work Sunit!

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