About the project

My story is nothing special. Growing up in the town of Tintinara (population 200) I was the typical aussie kid, loving sport and hanging out with friends. Being diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis changed my life dramatically. My body really struggled early on, there were many days where i needed a wheelchair to rest my leg. As i grew older my sporting motivation grew, which lead to me being continously frustrated with the disability i had. It wasnt until 17 until i was told that i was actually disabled. When i was 16-17 i was struggling heavily with body issues. I hated the way i looked and refused to eat. Eventually, i was underweight for my body shape and the only thing that made me happy was sport. I would train every single day, which combined with little food wasted my body a bit. I have always played a lot of sports, like Aussie rules, basketball, cricket, tennis and soccer. AFL was always the passion, i had represented league rep teams from a young age, but knew it would never go anywhere more then there. Then when i was told that i was disabled, the first sport i chose was soccer. I loved it, interacting with others that each struggled differently opened my eyes completely. It made my problems seem insignificant. I realised that though i might have it tough, but there is always people who have it tougher. The family like feel of the SA state team gave me the motivation of keeping my soccer dream going. My now close friend Ryan Kinner became my greatest motivation. We both pushed each other to get the best out of each other. Since then i have met so many great people and being selected for the U19 team showed me that it is possible to play sport at international level, with the greatest family i never thought i would have. Pararoos can do anything!

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