About the project

The Boomerang Effect is a holistic strengths-based resilience program that equips young people with a range of skills that improves resilience and decision-making, helping them to overcome life’s challenges easily and over time, flourish in all environments whether that is school, home, sport or social.

With your support, we can increase the number of schools that participate in this program and provide greater support to young people in our community.

Below are some testimonials from teachers and parents who have been involved in The Boomerang Effect program.

“What a great initiative - this is something that all individuals, families, schools, sports teams & workplaces could benefit from - bringing back more positivity, leading to increased happiness! I know I already feel inspired and will ensure to take on board the messages I took home from tonight’s talk”.

 “I'm so thrilled to be a part of this pilot and am very passionate about delivering it to our kids”.

 “The teachers really enjoyed the session and are excited to commence applying it to their classes and day to day lives. Well done to all. Positivity 24/7!”

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