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Our project aim to raise funds to add female change room, lighting, disabled access better shelter and better seating

In the next 20 years it is predicted that there will be an increase of 20% more residents living in the Goulburn Mulwaree Council municipality. Football in NSW currently has 5.5% of the population playing football. If this remains without any growth in the game there will be an increase of 1,892 players. 

A key finding of the facilities audit was that, based on current participation and annual growth rates, by 2030 Football in NSW will be 700 pitches short and will need to work with Councils and Governments to find additional fields of play for an additional 120,000 participants. 


Specifically, the Goulburn Mulwaree Council audit results highlighted the following:

• 71% of fields do not have lighting 

• 33% of amenities have no change rooms and 67% are below standard

 • 33% of amenities do not have match official provision 

• 100% do not cater for females

 • 0% of amenities are female friendly 

 • 29% of fields are below playing standard. 

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  • Ben Mullins

    We really appreciate the effort STFA members contribute to running and improving the sport and the Cookbundoon facilities.

  • AnthonySusanIsaacRiley Mills Family

    Good luck reaching your goal. Goulburn fields have so much potential and could offer the football community a lot of opportunity which would be great for the Goulburn community.

  • Vanessa Mackay

    Soccer at both Gunning and Goulburn is a treasured part of my both children's lives. Keep up the great work.

  • David Albrighton

    Great initiative to improve the facility we all use. A small donation by many will add up quickly.

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