About the project

In 2020 we were blown away by the generosity of the Tango community who gave so generously to our inaugural Goalathon. Thanks to your generosity our great club not only survived one of the most challenging seasons but thrived.  

The support we received from our loyal club members and sponsors is something we truly value as we continue to pursue success on and off the court in season 2021. As we push ourselves to improve and deliver success, our resources remain limited. This is why we are calling on the Tango community to dig deep for the 2021 Goalathon.

How you can help

1. Donate to the 2021 Tango Netball Club Goalathon fundraiser and share it with your social networks

2. Become a fundraising champion!

It’s easy to get started.

Register to be one of our fundraising champions. Simply scroll down and click 'Sign Up'. Choose your fundraising target and share your campaign with your family, friends and social networks.

Give and Go. Drop $25 towards your fundraising target.

Contact. Share your fundraiser on your social networks to ask for a donation.

Shoot. Email your family, tell them what Tango Netball Club means to you and ask them to donate to your fundraiser. It's tax deductible!

Goal. Make sure you hit your target by the end of the Goalathon.

How does your donation help?

Donations to the 2021 Goalathon will be used to improve club facilities & equipment, support player development initiatives, upskill our coaches and help meet the club's operational costs.

Thanks to our partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation donations of $2 or more to the 2021 Goalathon are tax-deductible!

Thank you for your generous support of the Goalathon fundraiser and for helping Tango Netball Club to deliver an outstanding experience for all members of our community.

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