About the project

WPA is raising money for the Australian Men and Women's University Games Teams to attend the World University Games in Naples, Italy in 2019. All money raised will go to supporting players with costs associated with travelling to the Games as well as supporting athletes in their development pathway.

The Universiade is a multidisciplinary sport event addressed to university students from all over the world. For relevance and number of participants, Summer Universiade is just second to Olympic Games and it is considered more important than Winter Olympic Games. This event, over the years, acquired the distinguished features of an international sport and cultural festival. The word “Universiade” is the combination of the Italian words “Università” and “Olimpiade”, it includes one of the most relevant concepts of sport: universality

Through our partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, all donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. Thank you for your generous contribution. 

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