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We wanted to know what motivated you to donate to sport so we asked donors from all over the country why they donate to sport in one-hour in-depth interviews. We got some great insights, and turned these into the first research report of its kind to understand why Aussies give to sport.

What does the typical giving journey look like for donors? What is important to donors? And, what can sporting clubs do to offer an enjoyable giving experience? Our research sheds light on this, and more.

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The basics

The Australian Sports Foundation was set up in 1986 to enable Australian sport to receive philanthropic funding from donors like you. The Foundation is a Federal Government Company and is written into Tax law and classified as a Deductible Gift Recipient.

The unique purpose of the Foundation is to enable donors to claim a tax deduction for donations made to sporting projects that have signed up to fundraise with us.

Over the last 30 years, the Foundation has helped increased funding to all levels of sport by more than $345 million!

In simple terms, for every donation of $2 or more, the Foundation provides a receipt to the donor that they can then use to claim their tax deduction for the donation. Depending on an individuals income bracket, this can be up to half of the total amount of the donation.

Who do we work with?

  • over 1,200

    Athletes, Sports Clubs and Community Organisations from grassroots to elite and National levels across 2000 sports projects

  • over 10,000

    Sports loving private and Corporate donors from around Australia

What kinds of things can I support via my donations?

Sports clubs, community groups and athletes can set up projects to raise funds for anything they need to develop their sport or achieve success in their sport. This can include:

  • Equipment
  • New facilities and facility upgrades
  • High performance programs
  • Next generation and development programs
  • Capital funds
  • Coaching
  • Training programs
  • Travel costs
  • Sports science and nutrition

If you have a specific area of interest, you can donate directly to benefit that project, or ask your club, team, organisation or athlete about setting up a special project that supports this area of interest.

How it works

  • You donate to the Foundation and nominate a specific club as your preferred beneficiary

    • Donate online by selecting a sport listed in the donate to sport section via credit card or EFT.
    • Send in your donation via a manual donation form provided by a one of our registered sports organisations. You can make payment via credit card, cheque or EFT.
    • The Foundation retains 5% for donation made online and 6% for donations processed manually to cover its overheads.
  • You receive a receipt for your donation that you can use to claim your tax deduction

    • Receipts are emailed to you once the transaction is finalised.
    • You provide your Accountant with a copy of your donation receipt when completing your tax return or claim it as a deduction if completing return yourself.
  • The Foundation then grants the donations received to the clubs, teams organisations and athletes for them to fund their sporting needs

    • Donations are granted based on the preferred beneficiaries nominated by donors

FAQ's For Donors

You visit the Foundation website or complete the paper form provided to you. If your donation is an add-on to another transaction, eg. a membership, you will make full payment to your club, team or organisation and they will then forward us the donation portion with your details, at which time we will issue you with a receipt for the donation portion.

Yes, the Foundation receives no funding from Federal or State Governments and therefore needs to cover it’s costs to help sport. 5% is retained from online donations and 6% from manual or offline donations.

Simply save your receipt and provide this to your Accountant or claim it as a deduction if completing the return yourself.

Everyone who fundraises with the Foundation has access to all the details of each donation that is made through a secure online portal so they can easily contact you to thank you and provide updates on how the project is going.

The Foundation runs an acquittal process that ensures all monies are used appropriately and in keeping with the donors wishes

You can contact the friendly Foundation team via or call 02 6214 7868.

Australian tax law normally allows donors to claim a tax deduction for donations to the ASF. However, in certain circumstances if you are a relative or other “associate” of an athlete or team member supported by the ASF, the Commissioner of Taxation may not allow you to claim a deduction for your donation. For further information see Information for relatives and other associates.

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