We've changed... here's how!

Make sure you’re getting the most out our new website, portal and App by exploring all the changes before you jump in!

Our website is brand new!

Our new website has all the functionalities of the old one but is quicker, smoother and simpler to use.

  • First of all we have a new URL: sportsfoundation.org.au but all the old URLs will continue to work.
  • Our new donation form is up and running, this is super simple and will be much faster to make a donation. We’re also helping you by following up donors who begin the donation form but forget to finish it off
  • Now that the new website is more streamlined and sleek you can spend more time focusing on the important stuff..like fundraising!
  • You can explore projects by locations and also by category such as Women, Indigenous people and multi-cultural
  • Introducing: Trending projects, the projects that are getting the most donations this week will appear at the top of the search screen

We haven’t removed anything from the old website but some features might have new homes on our new site. Make sure to watch this quick video for a little tour of the website to see where all the key items sit.

The iFrame

The ultimate in timesaving and convenience!

An iFrame means that you can embed your project donation form right on to your own website so when supporters come to check you out they can make a donation right there and then and don’t have to spend too much time clicking through and following links!

Adding an iFrame to your website is simple:
1. Log onto your portal and head to the project section
2. Copy the iframe link that looks a little like this: iframe src=’https://www.sportfsoundation-your-donation-form’–/iframe from underneath the PROJECT URL box
3. Paste this into the ‘text’ of your website

You can log in to your portal to get the link for your iFrame HERE


You’ll notice big changes in the way the portal dashboard looks.

On your dashboard you can see the total donations your project has received this month, your current balance of funds, and the latest donation you received. We’ve also added a nifty doughnut chart so you can see how your club is faring in comparison to other clubs of the same type. We’ve gone graph crazy and also have created some column charts so you see the donation amounts by month and donation trends by month. The portal is where you can now add brand new projects or update your existing ones and now once you’ve filled out your F4S form online you’ll get sent a link to add your projects in the portal! Check out the video to learn more.

Adding and Editing new projects

Beginner, semi-pro or superstar, which one will you be!?

Now make sure your project page stands out: choose from three different layouts: beginner, semi-pro and superstar. Each one allows for different number of photos and descriptions


We’re super excited to introduce rolling acquittals which means you can lodge an acquittal at a time that’s convenient for you, no need to wait until the acquittal period has opened!

You just jump into your portal and do it all through that.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to acquit your funds within 90 days of receiving them to ensure you are eligible for future grants. If you haven’t spent any of your granted funds yet you’ll still need to do the acquittal but just upload a bank statement that shows that granted amount still sitting in your bank account.


The Sports Foundation is now in your pocket!

We’ve created an awesome app for iOS and Android devices, which you can use to update your project info, see your latest donations and best of all – accept donations! You’ll have to have access to a Square payment device which you can get from Officeworks or JBhiFI and using that all your supporters can donate on the spot! This is super handy for use at games, events and competitions.

Updated donation form

We’ve sleeked up our donation form to make it quicker and easier to use

We’ve also done an example donation in this video that you can send to your donors so they know exactly how to support your club.

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