With June 30 fast approaching, it is time for you to consider having a concerted push for donations.

Statistically, June 30 is a very significant time for giving and sports related philanthropic givig is no different:

  • Last financial year over $17million was donated to sport via the ASF in tax deductible donations
  • 37% (over $6million) of all donations for the entire financial year came in June
  • The sports which were most successful made a concentrated effort on making an ask based on this date

So how do you call for donations?

The most important piece of advice we can give around calling for donations is that you need to create a story and reason to give. In creating your story there are 4 elements you need to consider:

  • NEED – You need to establish how much money you need to raise and by when (June 30 is a good date)
  • CAUSE – What exactly is it that you are raising money for, who will benefit from the money being raised
  • IMPACT – How will those benefiting from your fundraising program be impacted? How will their sporting experience be better and what opportunities will be provided to them when the money is raised?
  • ASK – You have to ask, let your potential donors know how their money will be spent and how much you would like them to donate. Also, what impact will THEIR individual donation make? Remind donors that it is coming up to JUNE 30 and all donations are tax deductible through the ASF, so there is no better time than now to donate!!

So how do you get your story to your donors and ask for a donation?

Consider how you already communicate with your audience:

  • If you only speak to them at events/fixtures – Include your story in the match day program or via staff/volunteers speaking to people around the grounds
  • If you send regular emails or newsletters – Include a feature on your project within your communication
  • If your participants and members access your website – Feature your project on your website front page over this period
  • If your social media has a good following – share your story through these channels


The main point here is to integrate your fundraising program into your everyday activity, you don’t need to establish a new way to speak to people as this will limit who sees your story only to those most engaged.


Happy Fundraising.

Mark Thompson

Director of Fundraising

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