In last month’s enews I wrote about the opportunity that June presented for sport in calling for donations prior to the end of the financial year.

To refresh your memory, June is significant because donors can reap the quick benefit of a tax deduction for their donation from July onwards, and as a result June is by far the busiest time of the year for us. As I write this, more and more donors are heading online to make donations before midnight tomorrow. So if you haven’t made one last call for donations you have just over 24 hours to do so…

Calling for donations is only the first part of the fundraising cycle, some of you will have received donations from individuals for the first time and your next action in communicating with your donors is vital to the ongoing success of your fundraising program.

Thanking donors can be the most important thing you do in ensuring you have a successful and ongoing fundraising program. It is vital that you show your donors that you appreciate them, and given that a lot of you out there would have received donations in June, now is the time that you need to be thanking your donors.

There are some important statistics which can easily demonstrate why thanking donors is important:

· Simply by thanking a donor, you have a 50% better chance that you will receive another donation from that person the next time you ask.
· If you combine this with ongoing communication about how their money was spent and appreciated, as well as the impact it has had, their donation has been shown to increase by up to 40% next time.

So you can see why it is not just important, but vital for you to thank your donors!

More information on thanking donors and communicating post donation can be seen on episodes 7 & 8 of our “Fundraising for Sport” video series.

If you’re wondering about simple and easy ways to thank your donors, emails and letters are definitely at the top of the list. If you are communicating the same thank you message to a group of donors, consider an email sending platform such as Campaign Monitor orMail Chimp. These will allow you to apply your logo and brand to the email and include images, video and other content easily.

So open those communication lines with your donors, and start by saying “thank you”.

Happy Fundraising!

Mark Thompson

Director of Fundraising

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