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Applications for BALLS4ALL opening at 12noon AEDT, 17th March


In partnership with Spartan Sports, we are giving away $1 million worth of product and equipment!

This Giving4GrassrootsTM  grant round, Balls4All,  is the biggest donation of free sporting goods to clubs, schools and organisations in Australian history, with almost 50,000 items available to clubs.

Spartan Sports ambassador Michael Clarke announced the giveaway, which is the biggest in Australian history by a sporting manufacturer.

According to the Australian Sports Commission’s AusPlay report, just two per cent of children are active every day outside of school hours and we want to change this!

“The ball is central to the playing of just about every sport, particularly team sports. It takes one ball to start a game and a strong partnership like this is a great way to create real change and have real impact in our communities,” Clarke said.

“The opportunities for healthy sports activity are endless but, sadly, we are losing our way. That is why Spartan is taking action, together with the Sports Foundation, to fix this problem and promote more lively participation and healthier lifestyles. Let’s get our local communities active again.”

So together, we are providing the biggest donation of sporting goods in Australian history and are calling on all sporting clubs to apply now!

Together with Spartan Sports, we will be providing grants of balls for rugby league, rugby union and football, plus netballs, basketballs and cricket balls to sports groups and school teams all over Australia.

Tips for your BALLS4ALL application

There is a simple application process on our website for Balls4All. You will be asked some questions to determine whether or not your club is eligible to apply, such as if you have previously received a G4G grant, if you are a non-profit club, do you have an ABN and how much revenue your club obtained in the last two financial years.

To make sure filling out your application process is as smooth as possible, you should have the following ready:

  • Have an understanding of what equipment you will apply for by reviewing our available equipment list below
  • Your organisation’s ABN  and Incorporation Number
  • The annual revenue for the last financial year
  • Up to 300 words about your club
  • Up to 300 words about what you will do with the equipment

You can see a copy of all application questions here.

Please also note that to be eligible to apply, your organisation or club must be:

  • Applying for this grant to encourage or increase participation in sport
  • Have not have received a Giving4Grassroots™ grant from us in 2016
  • Be incorporated
  • Have an ABN
  • Have revenues of less than $500,000 over the last two financial years
  • Be utilising the equipment in a program that is commencing in the next 12 months

If your club does not have an ABN because it is a school sports club, or another large organisation such as Special Olympics Australia, you can still apply. To apply you need to:

  •  Include the ABN for the organisation to which your club belong
  •  In the relevant questions, provide us with the details of the revenues for your club, not for the entire school, organisation or entity
  • Include the contact details of a key contact at the school, organisation or entity in the Secondary Contact details fieldsThe Balls4All program will be open for two weeks, after this time we will review all applications and select the successful clubs!

Available Equipment

  • AFL Ball- Mini, size 1. Suitable for 5-8 yr olds.
  • Basketball Ring
  • Basketball Size 3
  • Basketball Size 5
  • Basketball Size 6
  • Basketball Size 7


  • Premium Cricket Bat Size H
  • Academy Cricket Bat Size 3
  • Academy Cricket Bat Size 4
  • Academy Cricket Bat Size 6
  • Academy Cricket Bat Size H
  • Batting Glove BLH
  • Batting Glove BRH
  • Batting Glove MRH
  • Batting Glove YRH
  • Combo Cricket Kit – Boys RH
  • Combo Cricket Kit – Small Boys RH
  • Combo Cricket Kit – Youth RH
  • Cricket Abdominal Guard – Boys
  • Cricket Abdominal Guard – Mens
  • Cricket Bat Size 4
  • Cricket Bat Size 6
  • High Bounce Ball- Michael Clarke Range
  • Full Size Bat
  • Leather Cricket Ball
  • Leg Guard Boys
  • Leg Guard Mens
  • Leg Guard YLH
  • Leg Guard MRH
  • Leg Guard Youth
  • Metal Stumps
  • Mini Cricket Set
  • Minibat
  • Padded Shorts
  • Plastic Cricket Set Size 2
  • Plastic Cricket Set Size 6
  • Pop up stumps
  • Premium Cricket Bat Size H
  • Swing Ball- Half tennis ball, half rubber
  • T20 Ball
  • Thigh Guard
  • Wooden Cricket Set Size 2
  • Wooden Cricket Set Size 5
  • Poly Hard Ball
  • Poly Soft Ball
  • Kicking Tee
  • League Ball Size 3
  • League Ball Size 5
  • Touch Football Senior
  • Union Ball Size 2
  • Union Ball Size 3
  • Union Ball Size 4
  • Union Ball Size 5
  • Golf Bag
  • Golf Ball – Single
  • Golf Balls 15 Pack
  • Golf Gloves – Large Left Hand
  • Golf Tee
  • Netball Size 4
  • Netball Size 5

Soccer Ball Size 3
Soccer Ball Size 4
Soccer Ball Size 5

  • 3 Pack Tennis Balls
  • Dumbbell Bar
  • Backpack
  • Boxing Glove Focus Pad Combo
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Boxing Mitts
  • Flex Tube Exerciser
  • Hook Jab Pad
  • Mini Table Tennis
  • Net & Post Set- For Pingpong Table
  • Pop up tee
  • Replacement Ball & String
  • Rounder Set
  • Skipping Rope
  • Speedball Kit- Boxing
  • Table Tennis Ball
  • Urban Tennis Set- Table Tennis
  • Volley Ball Size 5

Sports community partners

  • Clearinghouse for Sport
  • SportsTG
  • Good 2 give
  • AIS
  • Australian Sports Commission
  • Play by the Rules
  • Spartan Sports

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