12 days of Tech-Mas

We’re combining two things we’re really excited about: our new website updates and Christmas to bring you: 12 days of Tech-Mas!

Everyday leading up to Christmas Eve we are giving the gift of technology and introducing a new elements of our tech update.

Make sure if you need any more help with any of the changes to give us a call on 02 6214 7868

First day of Tech-mas: iFrame

An iFrame means that you can embed your project donation form right on to your own website so when supporters come to check you out they can make a donation right there and then and don’t have to spend too much time clicking through and following links!

Adding an iFrame to your website is simple:
1. Log onto your portal and head to the details section
2. Copy the iframe link that looks a little like this: iframe src=’https://www.sportfoundation-your-donation-form’–/iframe
3. Paste this into the ‘text’ of your website

More on iFrames

Second Day of Tech-mas: Insights and Tips

On the 2nd day of Tech-Mas we bring to you: A brand spanking new Insights and Tips section on our website and Resources direct to you in your Portal! Hit the website for the full experience of our Fundraising Toolkit, Annual Report, fundraising advice from our Sports Partnership Managers, our monthly newsletter and other exciting communications such as our Donor research into why people give to sport or jump into the Resources tab in your Portal for an integrated experience.

Visit page

Third day of Tech-mas: Co-Branded Receipts

We have jazzed up the receipts for donors and introduce co-branded receipts, meaning our logo is on there right next to the one of the club you’ve donated to! This will also make it easier to organise your receipts if you donate to a number of different clubs.

Fourth Day of Tech-Mas: Advanced Search Function on the website

You can now find projects to support by name, city and category (women in sport, disability sport etc.) This is super handy when you know what kind of project you want to support but you aren’t sure of the names of the projects. And also will help supporters to find YOUR project!

Learn more in this virtual tour of our website

Fifth Day of Tech-Mas: Goodbye asf.org.au

Hello sportsfoundation.org.au, we're super excited to have you!

We did some research with a number of donors and stakeholders and we discovered that you weren’t loving the acronym ASF- so we got rid of it! You will notice our new url is sportsfoundation.org.au instead of asf.org.au. You will also notice that project page and donation form links have change. You can now share these updated links with your stakeholders, don’t worry if you’ve already shared some old links tough though, all of your old links still work!

SIXTH Day of Tech-Mas: New donation form

The updated form will make donating even easier and really quick for your donors.  Donors can also set up regular donations so they don’t have to type in their details every month, just automate it! Check out your new donation form on your web page now!

Go to my project page

SEVENTH Day of Tech-Mas: New layouts

Will you be a beginner, semi-pro or superstar? On our 7th Day to Tech-Mas we’re introducing different project layouts to make sure your fundraising project stands out on our webpage!

You’ve never had so much freedom to tailor your project page before- see below the options you can select from for your next project page.

If you would like to create a new project, simply log onto your portal and press ‘add project’.

Create a new project


Signing up to fundraise with the Sports Foundation is a cinch with our new application form. Sign up now and add your project details later in the portal when you have the time to make them perfect!

NINTH Day of Tech-mas: automated agreements

To make everything more streamline and the fundraising sign up even simpler, we’ve even automated our agreements so you can just tick a box online after you’ve read it and away you go. Also, if we have updates to our agreement, you will just see a box open up in your portal that you can tick and agree to the changes.


Have you logged onto your portal recently?

It’s brand new and oh so exciting! One of the most exciting parts is the new reporting capability, which includes:

  • Access to all donor info – where you can see a list of all your donors who donated to your project, their contact details, and any other information such as age and profession, that they provided during their donation.
  • Reconciled (Completed), Pending, Failed and Cancelled Donation Reports –  you can see any donations at all the critical stages of the process.
  • Regular Giving Schedules – see both your ongoing regular givers and the details for any donors with expired or cancelled regular giving schedules

Log onto your portal and start exploring your reports!

ELEVENTH day of tech-mas: Rolling acquittals

Rolling Acquittals, no more waiting until the acquittal period opens, as soon as you spend any granted funds you can log in to the portal and let us know what the funds were spent on! It’s super easy, but we’ve also made a video to help you through your first acquittal.


Our last tech gift in our Tech-mas is an App for iPhone and Android devices! Everything you can do in the portal you can now do from the palm of your hand PLUS accept donations!
Our tech team are in the process of launching the app so make sure you put your email down so that we can let you know when it’s ready for download!

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