A new donation form, just in time for Christmas

Your supporters go above and beyond to help you with your sporting initiatives so it’s super important that you provide your supporters with great experiences to keep them coming back! At the Sports Foundation we want to help you with this.

One area to ensure a supporter has a great experience is in the donating process.

A great donation experience keeps your supporters engaged with your cause and ensures they complete the transaction, not giving up because of a confusing, frustrating or slow donation form.

With that in mind, we have been hard at work redesigning our donation form. We’ve done extensive user research and incorporated plenty of feedback from donors, users and our own staff.

We believe we have created a great new donation form that you and your supporters will love!


Personalised just for you

Sports Clubs Logo on Donation Form


When your supporters click on the donation form, they will immediately know who they are supporting by your organisation logo or picture at the top of the page.


No one wants to wait

New Donation Form Dollar Amounts

It’s critical when trying to get someone to donate that you make it as simple as possible, however it’s also really helpful to know as much as possible about who is donating. There is a fine balance between the user experience and what is needed to ensure a transaction can take place.

With the new donation form we have cut down the amount of information a user needs to provide to make a donation, shortening the time it takes a user and also respecting their privacy.


Customised donor thank you page

New Donation Form Thank you Page


You asked – We Answered!
We have heard loud and clear that our donor thank you page needed some improvements. The new thank you page will feature your logo or sporting picture, a picture from your gallery and a personalised thank you message, all this you can personalise through your Fundraising Portal. This way your supporters will know how appreciative you are of their support.

i frame

Are you using the iFrame Donation Form?

At this point in time we will not be making any changes to the iFrame donation form. However we would will be working to improve this functionality in the future so if you or your club uses an iFrame Donation form please let us know via our contact us form.

This is just the beginning

While we are confident that the new donation form will improve your donor’s experience and increase the funds going to your sport, we will be closely watching its performance to ensure it delivers as expected when it launches later this month.

The donation form is not the only element we are working hard to improve. In alignment with our objective to help grassroots sports in Australia we are hard at work improving other areas of the fundraising platform. We’re keeping some of the details close to our chest for now but 2019 is going to be an exciting and innovative year for us and of course for Aussie sport – watch this space for more!



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