Aussie kids amongst the least active in the world

Riverine Herald article The Theory of Jess raises a number of important points when looking at this generation of children and their engagement in sport.

It used to be that for many Australian families a normal weekend consisted of swimming lessons, soccer games, dance classes or a footy match, however according to the recent AusPlay study, Australian kids are not as physical as we thought and are in fact some of the least active in the world!

The AusPlay study shows that only 2% of children are active every day outside of school hours and the kids that are not partaking in regular activity can’t run, throw, catch or jump.

The Riverine Herald points out that squeezing organised sport in to a busy family schedule is becoming increasingly difficult and in order to change some of the negative statistics, screen-free time needs to be promoted.

In order to help bring about change, together with Spartan Sports, we are distributing $1 million worth of sporting equipment to get children moving and engaging with sport. The extra sporting equipment aims to help offset some of the cost on families to play sport.

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