Be a good sport and donate through the ASF

He belongs to a family known as one of the most of the richest and most philanthropic in the nation. Yet even Josh Liberman never knew he could make a donation to his favourite sporting club and get a tax deductible deduction for it until he was approached to join the board of the Australian Sports Foundation.

“I was surprised to learn that it is possible to gain a tax deduction by donating to sport through the ASF – I’m sure there are huge swathes of the philanthropic and sporting communities out there who simply don’t know that this is possible and how much it could help them raise funds for their local sports clubs,” he tells The Australian.

Tax deductible donations to sport represent 1% of total philanthropic donations in Australia, which is I/8th of what the arts receive.

“when I thought about the benefits of the benefits of participating in sport – to our physical and mental health – and its importance in Aussie culture and communities, I felt this simply didn’t reflect its role in Australian society”. – Damon Kitney, The Australian, 3rd December 2015

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