The sporting summer continues and hasn’t it been a great one!? Our congratulations go to our newest world champions, the Australian Cricket team, for their fantastic world cup victory last night. There were some magnificent games and it was great to see the lesser-ranked nations in the limelight for a change. Congratulations also go to the Socceroos for their brilliant performance in a 2-2 draw against world champions Germany.

On the fundraising front, we are continually telling our project partners about the importance of their “story” and of communicating their “impact”. Successful fundraising is all about generating emotional engagement with the donor and while emotion is vital, donors also need to know that their donation has made a difference.

Some fantastic research has been undertaken by the AFL and the Centre for Sport and Social Impact, showing that for every $1 invested in a footy club, $4.40 is returned in social value to the community. This shows the real social and economic value of sport in our society and all of our project partners should be using this kind of analysis when engaging with potential donors. I urge you all to take a moment to read the findings of the report here.

Good luck!

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