Cleve Sport Centre Rebuilds after Storm

In January 2016 the Cleve Community Sports Centre in South Australia was hit by a storm causing extensive structural and water damage and making it unusable. The Cleve Sporting Bodies (CBS) have made a presentation at a District Council Meeting in a bid to gain funding to help with the building of a new function and community sports centre.

The Eastern Ranges football and netball clubs have been using the Rudall Community Club as their homeground and the basketball and tennis groups being forced to use the catering and shelter sheds as their club rooms.

The restructure will see a single story building with a huge activity area and an industrial kitchen able to cater for up to 250 people.

The project is estimated to cost $1.446 million with the CBS promising to contribute $400,000, in addition to this, the club has lined up grants from the Australian Football League and the Office of Recreation and Sport.

The CBS are hopeful they can raise another $30,000 through their project with the Sports Foundation and are looking in to catering, auction dinners and a colour run in order to raise the necessary funds.

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