Fee-Free Football: Dunbar Rovers

Many football clubs in NSW can charge season fees of close to $2,400, Dunbar Rovers, however, have built a model that through fostering relationships with community businesses are they able to offer young footballers the chance to play for free.

Chairman of the Dunbar Rovers Matt Delves said that when they explained to the business community what their dreams and goals were and the financial challenges they were facing, the businesses all really believed in them and started to back their cause. From this more sponsors and financial backers joined and really loved what they were doing.

The Rovers keep the funds flowing by using a few different fundraising initiatives. Last month the club hosted a Business of Football Lunch that featured Socceroos boss Ange Postecoglou as a guest speaker.

Delves said that while lots of clubs were focused on generating additional funds in order to acquire and pay first grade players, the focus for the Rovers was on youth players and by “getting it right from a youth perspective we can provide opportunities for older grades.”

To read more about Dunbar Rover’s Fee-Free Football visit their project page 

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