Fundraising Quick Win

Debbie Adams, Tritons Secretary/ Junior Development Officer, shared with us some of her tips on how she raised $2,000 to run a Come ‘n Try program, which resulted in 50% of all Come ’n Try participants (25 new kids) signing up to play for the summer season.



“I took a personal approach to raising the funds. I looked though our membership base and made a list of families who owned businesses or whom I believed able to make a donation on behalf of their workplace.

“Our club is 40 years old, so we have a lot of second generation members and ex-players with kids playing water polo, creating a family like relationship with the Tritons. I used the close relationships when personally and asked for a business donation to Come ‘n Try Water Polo, to support their water polo family”.

By using a personal ask, Debbie was able to raise the funds in only 2 months.

“The program was a great success. Tritons Under 14 players were encouraged to train with the Come ‘n Try participants. They were able to help the learners and demonstrate skills.

“Our ASF project is still active and I have started consolidating a list people I intend to approach next year”.




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