Groundbreaking Funding Opportunities Available for Rio Athletes

ndividual Australian Olympic and Paralympic athletes, who have qualified or are in the process of qualifying, for Rio 2016 can now raise tax-deductible funds to assist their preparation for the Rio Games by registering with us. Individual athletes register online to #joinourteam and, once assessed for eligibility, a fundraising page will be set up for anyone to donate to.

We have a unique Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status,  that can offer donors a tax deduction for any donation made to an individual athlete’s registered fundraising campaign.

Our Chief Executive, Patrick Walker, said he is excited to work with individual athletes for the first time, to help them overcome the financial pressures associated with preparing and competing in Rio.

“The individual Athlete Fundraising campaign is breaking new ground for the Australian Sports Foundation. No other crowd-funding program can offer donors a tax deduction for donations to sport,” said Mr Walker.

“All Australians want our Olympians and Paralympians to perform to their full potential in Rio and we are trying to help them avoid any financial potholes at this critical time in their Games preparation.

“Not all Australian team members receive Government funding, scholarships or sponsorships, and many work part-time or even at multiple jobs to fund their dream, so this is an opportunity to relieve the financial stress associated with international competition and allow them to focus on training and preparing for the Games,” he added.

Mr Walker said athletes can utilise donated funds to offset training and coaching costs, the purchase of equipment, medical fees and transport or even an airline upgrade to ensure they are well rested prior to competition.

“Our athletes aim to bring home medals and register personal best performances. No one knows better than the athlete themselves where the funding can be best used in the countdown to Rio.”

Any Australian athlete selected for the Rio Olympics or Paralympics can apply to register for Athlete Fundraising and Australian boxer Jason Whatley is one athlete who has already registered, view his page.

“I train up to four times a day as well as running my own business, Pure Boxing, and I have made great sacrifices along the way to try and win an Olympic gold medal, so it would be great to get some financial support from Australians who are willing to make a tax deductible donation,” he said.

Watch the video below to hear more about Jason’s inspiring Road to Rio.


Find our more about Athlete Fundraising possibilities here.
For Athlete enquiries, call Sarah Tutt, our Individual Athlete Coordinator, on 02 6214 7868


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