Help wanted to fundraise for Northam’s own synthetic hockey turf

The Northam Hockey Club, in support with the Avon Hockey Association is raising funds for the installation of a synthetic turf at the Bert Hawke Club Grounds in Northam.

The Association has been saving for the turf for a number of years.

Cec McConnell of the Northam Hockey Club said the group is in the process of negotiating about $200,000 worth of in kind works.

“We’re now waiting on the Shire to decide if they will recommit the funds the funds now that it is not linked to a grant. We’re subject to them,” Ms McConnell said.

“The Shire is very much a big supporter but is also a big provider of funds, so if the Shire changes their mind then turf will very much be on the back foot for a longer period of time.

Ms McConnell said the fundraising goal is $400,000.

“We want to make sure when we put turf in that we do it well,” she said.

“Ideally down the track it would be a lit turf so that we can play at night in summer.

“What we’re trying to do at the moment is have sufficient funds to one; complete the synthetic turf but to also do the lighting.”

The Avon region does not have a synthetic turf meaning that players do not have the opportunity to train on the conditions before competing in country week or state competitions.

Mc McConnell said the Associations wants to give young players the same opportunities that the kids in metropolitan areas receive.

There are 23 teams competing in the 2018 hockey season, not including minkey and seniors players.

It is anticipated that a synthetic turf will give Northam the opportunity to host regional and state events in the future.

Ms McConnell is reaching out for businesses to get involved in the fundraising effort.

“If people want to donate from a cash point of view by the Australian Sports Foundation site that would be awesome,” she said.

“We will still be running various fundraisers.

“If people have an interest in hockey they should come down to the Northam Hockey Club on a Saturday morning when we’re play and talk to any of the players.”

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