Hockey can score with fundraising project

Hockey Australia is further developing the game by registering its Hookin2Hockey Give Every Kid A Go fundraising program in partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation.

Australians contributed a record $32 million in tax deductible donations to sport via the Australian Sports Foundation in the 2015-16 financial year – taking total funds raised to over $300 million since the Foundation’s establishment in 1986.

The 2015-16 fundraising total was a 31% increase on the 2014-15 financial year fundraising result of $24 million in donations.

However, while Hockey as a sport trebled its fundraising in 2015-16 to $344,000, this is still far less than donations to many other mainstream sports, so there is plenty of room for growth.

HA has registered the Hookin2Hockey Give Every Kid A Go campaign which is designed to give children the opportunity to experience hockey.

Australian Sports Foundation Chief Executive, Patrick Walker, said fundraising for sport across Australia has grown by a massive 88% ($56 million) over the past two financial years.

“The beneficiaries are the countless numbers of boys and girls, men and women of all ages who enjoy greater participation opportunities, improved facilities and equipment in competitive and recreational competitions and organisations,” he said.

Mr Walker said several hockey clubs, schools and councils had registered fundraising projects with the Sports Foundation, and this is another area where the Foundation is working in partnership with HA to help meet growing funding needs around the country.

“Typical hockey campaigns seek to raise funds for improvements ranging from synthetic playing surface programs through to amenities blocks and changeroom upgrades,” he said.

Mr Walker said the Sports Foundation was committed to reach its $500 million fundraising target by 2020, and generate $100 million in raised funds per year by 2020.

“We are on track to reach these goals in four years’ time,” he said.

“Not only are annual tax deductible total donations rising to record levels year on year, we had over 700 new sports projects and almost 300 new organisations register with us in the last financial year. We also had 9,846 individual donations last financial year compared to over 8,500 in 2014-15 – a rise of 16%,” he added.

“When you consider that the Australian philanthropic market is $2.9 billion, sport is receiving just over 1% of total donations. So, there is considerable upside for Australian sport and for sports organisations if they partner with us and establish tax deductible fundraising programs,” added Mr Walker.

The Foundation is listed in the Income Tax Assessment Act as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) and is the only body in Australian where donations of $2 or more to sports projects are tax deductible.

For fundraising opportunities or to support grassroots sporting communities, go to or call on 02 6214 7868.

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