Local Op-Shop creating opportunities in more ways than one

With the Football Federation of Australia looking to expand the A-league competition their are plenty of chances for growth in all areas of the game.

In 2016 the Opportunity Shop in the NSW town of Bathurst made a submission to the National Football Plan which in the coming years aim to grab all the opportunities to those involved in the sport of football including referees, coaches, administrators and supporters.

President of the Bathurst Opportunity Shop Tony Thorpe says that football in Bathurst has many opportunities for growth in the local community from primary and secondary schools through to Charles Sturt University, futsal and indoor football.

Thorpe hopes that the inflatable football pitch purchased with the funds raised through the Sports Foundation will see engagement and participation in the sport grow in his town. Paddy’s Hotel will be the primary home for the pitch and it was hoped that this decision would encourage adult participation.

Thorpe is confident that the future of football is bright but says that the fate of the sport is reliant on the efforts of everyone from players and supporters through to spectators and administrators.

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