National Sports Plan Submission by the Australian Sports Foundation

To assist the Sports Foundation in fulfilling its objective of delivering an additional $300m to sport from community donors and from private and corporate philanthropic sources, it is recommended that the Australian Government should incorporate the following key proposals into its National Sport Plan:

  1. Provide tax deductible status to the Sports Foundation’s new Charitable Fund to enable funding to be accessed from Private and Public Ancillary Funds
  2. Broaden the Sports Foundation’s purpose beyond traditional forms of sport, to encompass other emerging forms of physical and recreational activity and so promote improvements to physical health and fitness through non-traditional sports avenues
  3. Allocate a proportion of Government funding for sport as a form of “matched giving” conditional on a fundraising commitment by the recipient, to incentivise community and philanthropic giving and obtain greater funding leverage
  4. Make distribution of any funds arising from the proposed National Lottery conditional on a fundraising commitment by selected recipients.

Download our full submission to find out more about how these proposals will place community and philanthropic fundraising as a core part of the future funding mix for sport, and align it with other comparable social causes such as culture and the arts, where it already holds this position.

National Sports Plan Submission



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