Olivia Inglis Scholarship Fund

An article published by horsetalk.co.nz last week has highlighted the significance of the Olivia Inglis Scholarship Fund in ensuring the future safety of Eventing in Australia.

The Olivia Inglis Scholarship Fund was initially created by Equestrian NSW to help young riders train towards elite completion. The fund was set up through the Australian Sports Foundation following the death of 17 year old Inglis, who died whilst competing at an Eventing competition in March of 2016.

It was only a month later that 19 year old Caitlyn Fischer died during a horse trial cross country event that the fund broadened their objective to include high-priority safety projects.

So far the Olivia Inglis Scholarship Fund has collected over $167,000 with $15,000 dedicated to the building of a new water jump at the Berrima District Pony Club.

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