South Australia Sports Museum

It is made apparent that every donation, no matter how small, helps our partners in their fundraising goals. Through the official launch of the future South Australia Sports Museum, Sports SA CEO Jan Sutherland said “If everyone who played sport in South Australia donated $1, we’d raise enough money to open in a day.”

The museum is raising funds in partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation and is seeking community and corporate support, through tax-deductible donations, to bring the museum to the next stage.

The vision is that the Museum will be contemporary, interactive, dynamic and engaging.

Connecting people to their sporting heroes and sharing the great moments that have shaped our sport and culture in South Australia.

The Museum will inspire, educate and entertain as you learn more about the triumphs achieved with a healthy, active lifestyle through sport. The exemplary values and determination depicted in the feats of our true champions present as role models and heroes to everyone in the community.

Some of regional South Australia’s sporting heroes will be honoured in the museum planned for Adelaide’s city center.

Through the launch, Ms Sutherland asked for regional South Australians to support their fundraising drive.

Many hands make light work, and we remind you to never underestimate an individuals power to make a difference.

If you would like to contribute a little (or a lot) and make your difference to the SA Sports Museum with a tax-deductible donation, click here.

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