Sports Fundraising Dos and Dont’s

There’s more to sports fundraising than selling chocolates and our CEO, Patrick Walker, shares his advice on how to get the most out of your fundraising projects:

  • DO create a meaningful and motivating story to emotionally engage your donors
  • DO set manageable goals so donors feel like they can make a real difference
  • DO leverage your current contacts and benefit from simple changes such as adding a donation option to any existing transactions i.e. membership or ticket purchases
  • DO try and fundraise at existing events such as registration days or presentation nights
  • DON’T undervalue the importance of creating genuine relationships with your donors
  • DON’T forget to tap into local businesses and corporates
  • DON’T underestimate the power of email and social media

For a complete breakdown of the best fundraising tips from the last financial year, where grassroots sport contributed to a record $32 million of fundraising, click here.


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