Willunga Football Club building for the future

Willunga Football Club are one of the oldest football clubs in South Australia and are calling on the community to help raise the funds for the $4.5 million redevelopment of the recreation park.

As mentioned in the Southern Times Messenger the Willingu Recreation Park which was built in the 1970s is in need of an upgrade and are working through the Foundation to raise the money.

Willunga Football Club which uses the oval has three female teams and will benefit from the new development by building female change rooms with wheelchair access.

The Park’s committee chairman Brian Dempsey said all the money fundraised would be matched with grants from state and federal governments.

Mr Dempsey said that the people should feel they are “part of the solution” to redevelop the centre which will include a festival hall, social club with bar, show hall, new RSL clubrooms and an outdoor area.

The committee wants to build something that will last in to the future and according to Mr Dempsey is going to “garner all of the passions of the committee and the clubs and the town of Willunga to say they own it.”

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