Working together with the Wallaroos

The Australian Women’s Rugby team will represent the country at the World Cup in August and despite not getting paid to play in this tournament they will have support through donations to the Sports Foundation.

Prior to the Games in 2016 an Olympic funding program was set up at the Sports Foundation for the gold medal winning Women’s Rugby Sevens team and through this fund they received a share of $1.8 million.

Our CEO Patrick Walker said that the women’s Rugby Sevens team was “a fantastic example” of the difference financial support makes to a team – allowing them to train and play their preparation games together and attend training camps in the lead up to the Olympics. Walker is confident that “The more game time and support the Wallaroos get, the better off they’ll be come the World Cup”

The Australian Rugby Union (ARU) explained to the Sydney Morning Herald that the cost to support the national women’s program is about $500,000 each year. This is including accommodation, flights and food for the athletes but does not pay a match payment or salary which it used to do at previous world cups.

It is difficult for the ARU to justify supporting the Wallaroos for this World Cup given that their matches are not broadcast on television and no money coming through ticket sales.

The Buildcorp Wallaroos 2017 World Cup Campaign has been created with the Sports Foundation to give the team additional financial support after what has been provided from the ARU.

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