About the project

We are taking Rugby into the Schools to grow the game and ensure a strong future for our community clubs.


The 1st Fives Pillars are going to deliver a FREE IN SCHOOL RUGBY PROGRAM to 22 State Schools on the Gold Coast before we reach 2022.

We want to see the game grow and our children experience the opportunities that a game like Rugby Union can give them.

But we can't do this without your support.... So please support us with a tax deductible donation and help us achieve our goal.

#GrowTheGame #LocalDreams #WorkingAsOne

  • Hayley Best

    Would love for this to come to picnic creek state school in 2022

  • Luke Barry

    Hi guys, good luck with the program. Something small to say thanks for your generosity on the 1st Fives sessions. Luke

  • Jen Kuipers

    Would love to have it come to Picnic Creek State School

  • Kerrie Jackson

    Great Job Team

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