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I'm Anu, a 26-year-old para-triathlete from South Australia with my sights set on medalling for Australia in triathlon at the 2024 Paris Paralympics. I have a progressive and rare (one in a million!) form of Dystonia, which is neurological condition that causes a variety of impairments including hypertonia (high muscle tone), involuntary muscle movements, and gait abnormalities. Sport has played an integral role in coming to terms with my disabilities, having medalled for Australia in Badminton in 2018 and South Australia in Rowing in 2019. In 2020 I was talent-identified into triathlon and became National Champion in 2021 and Oceania Champion in 2022.

The 2022 Paratriathlon World Championships is the key categorisation (funding) event for Australian para triathletes. I train and study full-time, and around this work as a disability peer mentor and volunteer in disability advocacy, including as Disabilities Officer at the Flinders University Student Association. I currently receive no funding to assist with the extensive costs associated with triathlon, which include equipment, training, coaching, and competition entry, travel and accommodation. Therefore, in order to achieve my ultimate dream of competing in the Paralympics, I must first self-fund my way to World Championships qualification.

To qualify for Worlds, I must compete in three international races to gain qualification points. These races are the World Para Triathlon Series (WPTS) in Wales (August 6) and World Cups in Portugal (September 3-4) and Turkey (October 15-16). Without fundraising, I will simply be unable to afford the expenses associated with these qualifying races, particularly flights and accommodation.

Every donation, no matter how big or small, will get me one step closer to Worlds and ultimately toward my ultimate dream of the Paralympics, and I will be forever grateful for your support. I am also seeking formal sponsors, with logo positions up for grabs on my tri suit, so please contact me if this is something your business may be interested in.

Please feel free to share with friends/family/colleagues/strangers and don't hesitate to reach out if you would like any further information or are able to help out in other ways by emailing:

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