About the project

PTS athletes/parents pay training fees on a quarterly basis to cover the Squad's operating costs such as equipment, office consumables, trailer (for equipment) registration and servicing and registrations and affiliation fees. Prior to 2012 PTS athletes were coached by 1 head coach on a voluntary basis. As our squad has grown over the last few years we have endeavored to put in place a sustainable coaching structure to attract and encourage the development of coaches with specific skills in assisting athletes with a disability. PTS currently pays 1 head coach and 3 assistant coaches. This structure allows for 25 - 30 athletes to participate in our program. On-going funds are needed to sustain this structure. Our coaching structure will ensure that we continue to provide as many disabled athletes as possible every opportunity to participate in our program and we can provide support to maximise their potential. It is well understood that there is a strong correlation between disability and financial disadvantage. Some of our athletes and families struggle or are unable to meet the costs associated with participating in our sport. Such costs include paying for our training fees and club uniforms, and competition costs including membership of ACT Athletics, competition fees, national uniforms as well as the cost of travel/accommodation to attend interstate competitions. Our goal is to ensure that all athletes who participate in our athletics program are trained and supported to reach their full potential and have the opportunity to attend and participate in competitions.

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