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With a fundamental commitment to the development of the player, and a desire to provide a supportive and consistent environment in which to grow as a footballer, The Adelaide Hills Hawks Football Club has clearly cemented itself as the premier club in the Adelaide Hills region.

The Adelaide Hills Hawks FC is a true family, and all who come under its wings, are valued and supported at all levels. The club is proudly and efficiently run by a large group of passionate volunteers who work tirelessly to maintain all aspects of the club. Understandably, given our location, it is increasingly difficult to gain financial support from businesses and individuals, that is commonplace in many city clubs. We simply do not have access to the large sponsorship deals and benefactors that other clubs rely so heavily upon. Coupled with this, is the problem that the Adelaide Hills Council is not in a position to assist on a large scale, as is clearly the case in many more affluent areas on the plains. Therefore, it is vital that we seek other means by which to create the funds required to fun the club.

The Hills represents a massive and rapidly growing catchment area, and with the game becoming more popular with each new season, it is vital that the Hawks maintain a contemporary and effective level of facilities and programs to cater for all players, both Junior and Senior.

Our development program is centred around our fundamental belief that ‘Juniors are the lifeblood of the club’. The programs implemented and run for Juniors aged U8-U17 are designed to teach, support and challenge the playing group, that will ultimately become the Senior players of the future. To this end, we strive to keep our player fees low, to allow as many children as possible to play the game. The Junior grades are not seen as a cash cow for the Senior playing group, but rather the future of the club and something that must be nurtured and valued. Our Academy program looks to identify and nurture players both male and female, who exhibit advanced skills in the game. This further enhances the quality of the coaching program provided and ensures the future success of the Seniors.

We readily recognise the need to cater to girls in the Junior grades, and women’s teams at a higher level. The Hawks value their presence in the club and strive to do all they can to support them across all age levels. We are highly aware of the need to nurture female sport and to cater effectively for this group within the club. As the number for female players and teams within the club grows, so does the need to cater to their specific needs in a physical sense. 

This year sees us begin the massive task of redeveloping our change room, viewing areas and public toilet facilities. The focus is to cater effectively for more appropriately for the specific needs of the female playing group and to provide a state of the art facility that will serve all members. 

The Hawks are growing. New women’s teams; a new Amateur team and a larger number of Juniors mean that we need more funds to continue to provide the outstanding program of which we are so very proud. 

The Hawks are looking to make some major changes in 2020. To make this all happen we will need the financial support of all who share our vision and passion for the game. Donations of $2 and over are fully tax deductible and each donation, no matter what size, will play a vital role in helping the Hawks to achieve our goals. Please show your support by making a tax deductible donation today.

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    Get Behind this Hills Hawks Family - Let's continue to Lead the way in the Adelaide Hills as the Premier club in the Region! Flying Higher than the rest!

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