About the project

Adelaide Tritons Water Polo Club provides qualified coaches to teach basic skills and increase fitness and well being of participants in a safe, friendly environment. We encourage our players and parents to actively participate in this team sport, to manage teams, coach teams, referee games at school level, club level and state level. Our current participants range from juniors (11 years) to seniors (65 years), male and female. We enter teams in the local State League Competition held at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre. Tritons have been running Come 'n Try Water Polo for 13 years. It is a grass roots development programme designed to increase the opportunity for young people to experience water polo. We spend the money on pool hire, coaching, balls and caps. We will hire indoor heated pool space for 2 hours, once a week during term 3. Pool hire has become ridiculously expensive since the Adelaide Aquatic Centre reopened. Provision of this necessary facility is something that is very difficult for us to afford to run this programme. We will hire a coach to teach participants basic skills of water polo. We will buy new small size flipper balls and new small size caps specifically for use by junior players who are learning the sport.The caps have ear protectors for safety.
  • Timothy Dansie

    Thank you Tritons for making the Dansie family feel so at home

  • Jabez Renko

    Thanks for looking after Jet and introducing him to water polo!

  • Catherine Eaton

    Best wishes to Tritons for their Come and Try Fundraiser

  • Munchies

    Great job Tritons. Keep up the good work in promoting waterpolo

  • Francis Parnis

    keep it up Tritons

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