About the project

Replacement of the hockey turf and underlay


  • Marc Pike

    Oh Reds, oh reds, oh reds, oh reds, oh reds, ohhhhhh reds, reds, reds, reds, reds

  • Reds Social

    Members supporting the turf replacement

  • Joshua Sweeny

    Looking to provide some support to the Old Aquinian family

  • Phil Anderson

    Reds šŸŒŸ

  • Terry McIntyre

    A very worthy cause.

  • Hugh Mitchell

    Great Club!

  • Sophie Fidoe

    For the new turf at the club from Sophie Fidoe and the Fidoe family

  • Kai Mayers

    Both the club and the community have been amazing to be around and have both helped me in these last couple of years. Let\'s reach this goal reds :).

  • Kerry Mayers

    Great work Reds! Come on juniors families ..... let\'s all donate and help make the Reds turf the best one to play on!!!

  • Chris Kate Tonkin

    Thanks to Reds for being a great hockey family to our son while he was boarding at Aquinas.

  • Kellie Foster

    On behalf of 1\'s player Brodee Foster. Thank you for welcoming us into a great club full of opportunities

  • Paul Gardiner

    Go Reds

  • Bradley Gardiner

    Go Reds

  • Robert See

    Go Reds!

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