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Our research shows 55% of Australian children are not currently in swimming lessons, with a major reason being affordability. We believe learning to swim is a lifesaving skill every child should receive. Swim It Forward is an initiative aimed to help more children receive this vital education.

Swim it Forward's mission is to save lives by making learn to swim accessible to as many children as possible across Australia.

For every child we help place into a learn to swim program, the more we lower the risk of drowning deaths.

With your help we will radically improve the number of children learning to swim and make a difference in preventing drownings.

$20 will provide one lesson to a child

$200 will provide a child with lessons for one term

$800 will provide a child with lessons for a whole year

Please make a tax deductible donation today and help us to Swim it Forward!



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  • Trudy Horton

    Do the 5 to keep kids alive...let’s do #6 and make prevention the easiest!

  • Craig Turner

    No matter how hard things are, just never give it up, if it's important for you and others.

  • Ann-Maree Lynch

    So important that kids learn to swim. It’s a life saving and life changing skill

  • Saskia and Bill Kirby

    We know how important swimming lessons are and we hope this donation helps a child learn to swim and be safer around water.

  • Tanya Boys

    Let's give as many kids as possible the opportunity to learn to swim!

  • John Schultz

    What a great initiative to keep our younger generation safe.

  • Pinky Neven

    Amazing initiative! Happy to help!

  • Linda Onesti

    I think this is a fabulous idea for children whose parents can’t afford lessons

  • Roger Wheelahan

    Please help a little tacker learn to swim

  • Melissa Williams

    My 3 children have had the privilege of attending swimming lessons at Learn to Swim Heidelberg since they were approx 6 months old. We hope our small donation can help another child have similar safe and fun experiences

  • Steven Rutten

    Thank you to Sara, for donating a swimming lesson to a child in need, in lieu of a Christmas gift at our annual Christmas party.

  • Alixandra Hickey

    Let’s keep our kids safe in the pool !!

  • Margaret Wright

    Fantastic concept.

  • Grace OSullivan

    Hoping this goes a little way to keep kids safe around water

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